Daily WOD

Build It

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD



10 Air squats

8 Sit ups

6 Push ups

10 Jumping jacks


Pigeon 1:00 each

Child’s pose 1:00

Couch 1:00 each

Metcon (Time)

Stacked Deck

*Remove all face cards and aces from the deck. Then go through deck 4 times. *Aces = 20 reps and King, Queens and Jack’s= 10 reps each.

Diamonds = Hand release push ups

Hearts = Sit ups

Spades = Plyo lunges

Clubs = Cardio of choice (dubs, bike, burpee, run or jumping jacks)

Metcon (No Measure)

Build your own!

Create your own at home workout.

Post your score and the workout you made and place it in the comments.