Daily WOD

Candy Canes

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

1:00 Row

5 Lateral Lunges

6-10 Push-ups (Elbows In)

10 KB Goblet Squats (light/moderate)

5 Single Arm KB Press (each side) (light/moderate)


Lacrosse Ball

Triceps on wall

Pec/Delt on wall


50 Strict HSPU (Time)

For time:

50 Strict Handstand Push Ups

Target Time: sub 3 minutes

Time Cap: 7 minutes
Scaling option to finish near the target score:

AMRAP 7 Minutes

Strict Handstand Push Ups


For time:

50 Handstand Push Ups

Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

2 Sets (1 Set every 6:00)


Wall Balls (20/14)

Row Calories

**RX+ 30/20**
Target Time each set: sub 4

Time Cap each set: 5

Stimulus for today’s workout is high intensity while maintaining consistent times for both sets. Set the tone early on workout 1 and try to push the pace for workout 2.

Accessory Work

4 Rounds

20 MB OH Sit-up Wall Shot

30 MB Russian Twists

:40 Forearm Plank (Toes on Ball)

Home WOD

Metcon (Time)

No Equipment:

2 Sets:


Jumping Air Squats

Hand Release Push Ups

-Rest 3:00 B/t Sets-


Equipment: Label as RX+


Goblet Squats (50/35)

Handstand Push Ups

-Rest 3:00


Goblet Squats (50/35)

Regular Push Ups
Score total time and do NOT include the rest in your time.

Accessory Work

3 Sets:

10 Cat Cow Exercises

10 Birddogs (each side)

20 Supermans