Daily WOD

Deck Of Cards

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


Customize your warmup with moves that help your body specifically.

Example – Hips and Glutes are tight… Alt. Spidermans and Mobilize with Pigeon Pose

Accessory Work

12 Minutes of Sprint Work

Min 1) :20 of Bike, Row, Run :40 Rest

Min 2) :20 of Burpees :40 Rest

Min 3) :20 of Situps :40 Rest

Do these three for 4 rounds


Metcon (Time)

Deck Of Cards

Diamonds = Reverse Lunges or Pistol Squats

Hearts = Burpees

Spades = Sumo Squats (Wider than normal stance squat)

Club = Glute Bridges (Elevate heels for more difficulty)
If you have not done a deck of cards…

Take a deck, shuffle it well, place all cards in a pile face down. Start your timer and flip over card 1. Do the movement that matches the suit and the number on the cards. Face cards are 10’s, Aces are 20’s and everything else is face value.