Over and Over

Over and Over

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


4:00 easy row (your choice)


3 sets

5 Burpees

5 Squat Jumps

10/8 Cal Row


Back Squat (5 x 3 Tempo (3,3,1,1) OT 3:00)

Build in weight, but don’t exceed 80%


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

2 Sets

25 Burpee Over Rower

500/400m Row

25 Burpee Over Rower

-rest 1:1 b/t sets-
Target Time each set: sub 4

Time cap each set: 6


Burpees over the rower: We want quick jumps and commit to not staying on the ground for any rest! Sub 75 seconds for the each 25 is a great goal!

Row: Start fast and stay fast on these intervals!! 1:45/1:52 or faster are good goals if you feel you are a solid rower. Try to hang on to a moderate/fast pace. Don’t blow up on the rower but push your pace as much as possible.