Separate Ways

Separate Ways

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


2 Rounds

1:00 Row

10 Single Arm KB Thruster R/L (Light)

20 Alt. Leg V-Up

:30 Handstand Hold


Low Butterfly


Squat & Reach on wall


Metcon (Time)


Row Calories

Wall Balls 20/14 (both to 10′)

2x Alt. Leg V-Up

**40 Alt Shoulder Taps after each round**

—If needed for stimulus, use:

Target Time: sub 25

Time Cap: 30


How to Pace: STEADY! This is going to be a LONG GRIND so we want you to approach it from the first round. The last sets are ⅔ of the workout so save your gas for those sets. Don’t get baited in through the first 3 sets.

How it should Feel: CARDIO! This one is long and has a lot of Row action so realize it will be a total body workout, but cardio being the most likely feel of it.

This is a longer workout but can be fun if you approach it accordingly, and get a good group to suffer through it with!


Row: Smooth is fast here! Try to hold onto a 75-80% pacing the entire way. Initiate movement with your hips/torso and let the arms finish light and fast.

Wall Balls: You can break these early, if you need to ensure not spiking your heart rate. Quick, short rests can pay off later. Aim to really push your sets in the end.

ALT V-Ups: Smooth consistent reps the whole way is the aim. If you like these, you can keep your breath and heart rate under control, without blowing up. Rest quickly as needed and get right back to work!

Shoulder Taps: These will get difficult in later rounds. Try to keep your pace quicker to minimize time on your hands and to get back to the row, where you can get your heart and breath rate back under control while still performing work.

Cool Down


Upper Back