New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

15/12 Calorie Row

5 Sn Gr DL + 5 Hi Pull

5 Pause Inchworms

0:30 Plank Hold


Snatch (5 Sets:
1 – 3 Pause Sn DL + 1 Sn Pull + 1 Snatch)


Metcon (Time)


Push Ups

Calorie Row

*REPEAT from October 12, 2021


Target Time:  6-7

Time Cap:  9

How to Pace : GRIND. The push up volume will likely add up, but there is no reason to stop moving on the row. Aim for as much non stop movement as possible.

How it should Feel : LACTIC ACID PARTY. This one will likely be limited from the pump of the push ups! Smart breaks are key and shaking out the arms can help.

Push Up: Keep a solid plank position and aim to stay with consistent sets throughout the entire workout!

Row: You can be more aggressive here as the pull will compliment the push ups nicely. Aim to come out fast and hold onto an aggressive cal/hr pace.

Cool Down

3-5 minutes of easy cardio

1-2 minute pec lacrosse ball or foam roll (each side)

2 minute pec stretch (each side)