Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

10 Single Arm Banded Pulldowns

10 Scap Push Ups

5 SLD + 5 Bent Row

5 Burpees


Lacrosse Ball

Rotators & Traps



Seated Double DB Shoulder Press (5 x 5 Superset :30 Plank)

Focus: From a seated position, raise a dumbbell in each hand to the shoulders. Press overhead to full lockout and return to shoulders. For comfort in range of motion, dumbbell can come to the shoulder in more of a neutral grip position and finish in a pronated grip overhead (similar to an Arnold press motion without the full supinated grip at the shoulder).


Metcon (3 Rounds for time)


Deadlifts (185/125)

Push Ups

-rest 3:00-


Deadlifts (225/155)

Push Ups

-rest 3:00-


Deadlifts (275/185)

Push Ups

RX+ do deficit push-ups, 45’s/25’s
Target each set: sub 3:30

Time Cap each set: 5


How to Pace: CHALLENGE! This is a lot of reps and the deadlifts will catch up to you as the reps start to pile up. Start with a faster pace and settle in so you have enough in the tank for the heavier weights to go fast singles or unbroken.

How it should Feel: MUSCULAR ENDURANCE! You will have muscle Fatigue all around. Lower body will start to feel those deadlifts and upper body will start to fatigue on the Ring Pushups.


Deadlifts: Efficient movement and fast singles throughout or some large sets to save something in the tank for the heavier weights.

Push Ups: To get the full effect, make sure hips and shoulders move together. Do not leave your butt in the air and just move your upper body! Small sets so you can keep a pace.