New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

100m Jog

8 Single Arm Dumbbell Press (each side)

8 Single Arm Dumbbell Front Squats (each side)

8 inchworm into box step up



Lats & Upper Back

Banded Lat/Tri Stretch


Metcon (8 Rounds for time)

8 Sets OT 3:00

100m Run

15 Wall Balls 20/14

8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20


10 Double DB Thruster (35’s/25’s)
Target Time each set: sub 2

Time Cap each set: 2:30 minutes


Stimulus for workout is moderate/high intensity. Goal should be moving fast on these sets but have enough control over the pace to have similar times for each round..


Run: Short distance means that we can push the pace. You should take into consideration that going “too hard” on the run will result in extra fatigue on thrusters in the legs and difficulty jumping in the BBJO. Sprinting out and back with a jog in the door is always a popular and effective strategy. Goal should be to finish around 30-40 seconds while jogging to the ball for a quick transition.

WallBalls/Thrusters: Unbroken or bust is what the weight needs to be set at. Once we are back from the run try and get to the wallball/dumbbells and move within 5-8 seconds. Breathe through each rep and explode out of the bottom with a strong punch and slight pause at the top. Squat clean the weights to get right into it.

Burpee Box Jump Overs: The icing on the cake. Stay with a consistent pace that isn’t max effort (due to repeated sets) and keep moving. Legs will be fatigued after bike and thrusters so be sure to jump high with every rep and breathe through the motion.


Back Squats On Coach

Halting – Hips, 1/4, 90, Bottom (each rep)

6 x 4

Home WOD

3 Rounds

15 Air Squats

10 Dive Bombers

10 V-Ups


Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Sets

200m Run

15 Jumping Air Squats

10 Burpees

-Rest 1:1 b/t sets-



6 Sets

200m Run

10 Double Dumbbell Thrusters (50s/35s)

5 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

-Rest 1:1 b/t sets-
These are hard effort sprints! If it takes you 1:30 for the first set, rest 1:30 before you perform the next set.

Run: if you don’t have space to run 200m, sub :30 high knees.

Jumping air squats: fight for unbroken here!

Burpees: go hard on this last set of burpees, all you got!

Accessory Work

3 Sets:

1:00 Wall Sit

1:00 Plank Hold