New Ulm CrossFit – WOD



5 GM

5 Back Squats

5 Strict Press

5 Burpees


Banded Hip T Stretch

Banded Hip


Metcon (Time)

10 rounds

3 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

3 Bar Facing Burpees
Target time: 4-6 minutes

Time cap: 8 minutes


Stimulus for workout is moderate to moderate high intensity. Reps are low on both movements but loading on bar and combo with burpees will result in near constant movement for the entire workout with minimal rest. Two main approaches to this workout will be going touch and go on the barbell and then pacing slower on the burpees OR going fast singles on the barbell and pushing the burpee pace


Clean and Jerk: Athletes should use a weight that they can touch and go for 7-10 reps (60-65% of 1 RM) OR the same weight that they would use for the workout “Grace”. For some a good strategy would be to start off with touch and go and try to maintain for as long as the intensity stays up. Look to switch to singles for the remainder of the workout when over resting occurs.

Bar Facing Burpee: Pacing wise needs to stay steady and consistent throughout that allows for quick transition back to the barbell cycling….. It’s only 3 reps!


Clean and Jerk (15:00 to find Hvy 1)

Home WOD

3 Rounds:

1:00 High Knees

20 Alternating Bodyweight RDLs (Total)

5 Inchworms


Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

2 Sets:

5 rounds

16 Alternating Box/Chair Step Ups (Total)

8 Burpees

-rest 2:00 b/t sets-



2 Sets:

5 rounds

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

-rest 2:00 b/t sets-
This is a moderate intensity workout focused on consistent movement and good pacing.

Alternating chair step ups: aim to keep these unbroken throughout.

Burpees: focus on consistent pace here. Don’t stop!!

Accessory Work

3 Rounds

10 Tempo Double DB Bench (2 sec down/ fast up)

10 Tempo Double DB Bent Row (2 sec down/ fast up)

10 Seated Alt. DB Curls (each side)