Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3:00 Bike – Increasing intensity

2 Rounds

10 Lateral Lunges

:15 HSH


Down Dog to Cobra

Lateral Squat Wall Circles


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

6 Sets

4:00 at moderate pace

(Shoot for 64% of test calories each set)

-Rest 1min b/t sets-
*Score = reps

*** Record your cals in your first interval. The goal is to match this same quantity of cals for intervals 2-6. Although you’re allowed to look at the monitor during the 1st interval, you are only allowed to look at the monitor after finishing the subsequent 4min intervals. A perfect pace match is worth 10 reps, Missing by 1 is 9 reps, 2 is 8, 3 is 7, 4 is 6, 5 is 5, 6 is 4, 7 is 3, 8 is 2, 9 is 1, 10 or more is zero.


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds of:

-5 Strict Handstand Pushups against wall or 5 Handstand Pushups from Box + 30 second Handstand Hold [right/left = 2 reps]

-100 foot Farmers Carry [50’s/35’s] [two dumbbells]
The goal is to go right from the Handstand Pushups into the Handstand Hold.

The Farmer’s Carry will smoke your grip and forearms which you will feel the effects when going to control those Handstand Pushups!