I’ve Got A Jar of Dirt!

I’ve Got A Jar of Dirt!

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

10 Scap Shrugs

5 Air Squats

10 Lateral Lunges

5 Strict Press

5 Behind Neck Sn Gr PP


Rotator Smash with lacrosse ball

Barbell Thoracic Opener Over Roller

Pec/Shoulder Stretch on rig


Power Snatch (5 x 1 (3 Position))

1 Hi Hang P Sn

1 Hang P Sn

1 P Sn

*Drop inbetween to maintain speed & form*

*Complete a set every 90*

*Do not exceed 75%*


Test each BB move and make sure you can be unbroken

Metcon (Time)

15 Ring Rows

15 Front Squats 115/80

10 Front Rack Lunge 115/80

10 Bent Over BB Rows 115/80

9 Shoulder to overhead 115/80

10 Front Rack Lunge 115/80


RX+ do inverted ring rows –

Feet on a box
Target Time: sub 7 minutes

Time Cap: 10 minutes


How to Pace: STEADY! This workout is a chipper style that if pushed to failure early on will definitely put you into a hole at the end. Weight is manageable but listen to your body and know your limits.

How it should Feel: LACTIC ACID PARTY! Arms and leg endurance is all this workout is. Breathe through the motion and don’t be afraid to take that extra rest between sets.


Ring Rows: Unbroken if possible, but break before they break you!

Front Squat: Unbroken, weight is moderately-light so take it nice and smooth and don’t pump the legs.

Front Rack Lunge: The first lunge should be somewhat of a breeze, stay steady with high elbows. The 2nd lunge will be the cherry on top (real challenge) Take a deep breath before picking up the bar and stay calm. Both sets should be completed unbroken.

Shoulder to Overhead: Arms will be a little tight so be ready for strong and overly aggressive hip drive. Goal is unbroken which means get to 8 reps and drop and then use the 9th rep to go into the lunge.

Cool Down

:30 to 1:00 in each

Child’s Pose

Thread the needle