Little Giants

Little Giants

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

:30 Row (Increasing Intensity)

4 DB Cleans (each)

6 DB Floor Press (each)

8 Squat Jumps


Forward Fold

Lacrosse ball Delt on wall


Metcon (Time)

40/30 Calorie Row

40 Hang Dumbbell Squat Clean (50/35)

80 Push-Ups

40 Hang Dumbbell Squat Clean (50/35)

40/30 Calorie Row
Target Time: 13-15 – Time Cap: 20


How to Pace: STEADY Pacing for this workout needs to be smooth and consistent. Speeding up the pace will only blow the legs/lungs up faster without the ability to recover.

How it should Feel: LACTIC ACID PARTY! This should feel like somebody started a fire in your quads and made you dance like an Oompa Loompa for an hour.


Row: 1st row should be moderate (70%) while recovering the last few calories before exiting to the dumbbells. Looks to amp (80%+) it up on the second row to finish the set out strong.

Hang Dumbbell Squats: Weight is light (which sucks) we want big sets here! Non-stop so stay steady and breathe through every rep.

Push Ups: Aim to keep moving through with quick sets. Be sure when resting to stay off the hands and shake the shoulders out.


Squat Clean (3 x 2 between 75-90%)

Power Clean (3 x 2 between 75-90%)

Deadlift (3 x 3 @ 110% of Clean, use clean grip)