Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

16/12 Cal Row

8 Goblet KB Thrusters (light)

8 Scap Shrugs

6 Kip to Swing

4 Hanging Knee to Chest


Squat and Reach

Wall Hinge


Metcon (Time)

40/32 Cal Row RX+ 50/40 Cal Row


30-20-10 42-30-18

Wall Balls (20/14) Wall Balls (20/14)

Toes to Bar Toes to Bar


40/32 Cal Row 50/40 Cal Row
Target Time: sub 14 minutes

Time Cap: 18 minutes


This couplet is going to be a full body mash!!! The heart rate and lactic build up in the quads will be intense while your shoulders won’t be fresh from all the work. We want to work on getting progressively faster with your pacing as the reps descend through the workout, then maintaining pace on the final bike!

Ladies have less calories on the bike but the same number of wall balls and toes to bar.


Row: Come out with a moderate/fast pace that you can slightly increase intensity with middle section.

Toes to bar: Start with manageable sets out of the gate as the first round begins with a big number! Work to keep tension at your forward swing to help maintain speed and fluidity completing each rep!

Wall Balls: These will be very challenging due to the increased load. We still want sets of 10-15+ to open, and committing to a manageable but not excessive rest period each time you drop the ball.


Work on goals for the remainder of class.