Open 22.3

Open 22.3

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

6 Hanging Scap Retractions, 4 Kip to Swing, 2 Strict Pull Ups

30 Single Unders

6 Thrusters (empty bar)

0:40 Echo Bike (Fast)


Wrists :30 each

PVC Front Rack

Banded Hip Opener –

Lat & Rig Facing


CrossFit Games Open 22.3 RX (Ages 16-54) (Time)

For time:

21 pull-ups

42 double-unders

21 thrusters (weight 1)

18 chest-to-bar pull-ups

36 double-unders

18 thrusters (weight 2)

15 bar muscle-ups

30 double-unders

15 thrusters (weight 3)

Time cap: 12 minutes

F: 65 lb, then 75 lb, then 85 lb

M: 95 lb, then 115 lb, then 135 lb
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Time Cap: 12 minutes

12 Minutes might be tough! SO we will give a “Minimum reps before scaling” as well

Minimum reps before scaling: 156 reps (18 Thrusters at weight 2)


How to Pace: CHALLENGE then PAIN!! This one is about coming out with a smart strategy and knowing your ability on the thrusters and pull up bar from the get go. If you are a fire breather, then unbroken and fast throughout is the aim!! If you are not super elite, then you can take quick breaks early on and make up for it later in the workout on the Weight 3 and Bar Muscle Ups. Remember SMOOTH IS FAST! Use this final test of the Open to leave it all out there!! It is a final opportunity to challenging ourselves within our body’s abilities!! That means a controlled push (~85%) through most of the workout then hammer down for the final set of muscle ups and thrusters! The end will be PITCH BLACK aka PAIN CAVE!! Stay mentally tough, leave it all out there and go for 1 and done!

How it Should Feel: PAIN CAVE!! This is the Open! Yet another week that should hurt if you are doing it right! The going to creep up and really set in by the second set of thrusters. Don’t get soft!! Push through and keep up a great effort for the full workout!


Pull Ups/Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Bar Muscle Ups: Knowing your ability here is key! Pace accordingly from the beginning, knowing a quick 5 second break can let you go for bigger sets later in the workout. An efficient kip will be a game changer in the workout so don’t rush yourself on the pull up bar. Stay long and strong. Grip will be a big factor in the workout, so wear your grips, manage your fatigue and don’t blow up early!

Double Unders: It’s only 108. That is crazy low! Use as active recovery from the thrusters to pull up bar. Smooth is fast here as well. Breath

CrossFit Games Open 22.3 Scaled (Ages 16-54) (Time)

For time:

21 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups

42 single-unders

21 thrusters (weight 1)

18 chin-over-bar pull-ups

36 single-unders

18 thrusters (weight 2)

15 chest-to-bar pull-ups

30 single-unders

15 thrusters (weight 3)

Time cap: 12 minutes

F: 45 lb, then 55 lb, then 65 lb

M: 65 lb, then 85 lb, then 105 lb
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CrossFit Games Open 22.3 Foundations (Ages 16-54) (Time)

For time:

21 bent-over rows

42 jumping jacks

21 thrusters

18 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups

36 jumping jacks

18 thrusters

15 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups

30 jumping jacks

15 thrusters

Time cap: 12 minutes

F: 35 lb

M: 45 lb
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