Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

:30 Row (Increase Intensity)

4 Burpee Step Over Rower

8 PVC Closed Grip Pass Throughs

6 Snatch Grip Push Press (Barbell)


Rotator Smash

Sub Trap Smash

Down Dog to Cobra


Metcon (8 Rounds for time)

8 Sets (1 set every 3 minutes)

15/12 Calorie Row

*Odd Sets: 15 Power Snatches (75/55)

*Even Sets: 12 Burpee Over Rower


RX+ 95/65 and 15 Burpees
Target Time each set: sub 90 seconds

Time Cap each set: 2 minutes


How to Pace: SPRINT! This one is a burner so not much pacing here. However, you don’t need to sell out. The row will go faster than you think and then you just have to keep moving on the second movement.

How it should Feel: This should sting. The burpees will be worse than the barbell but regardless it should hurt.


Calorie Row: Let’s aim to keep these in :35-40 seconds or less to maximize time for the second movement. This should be aggressive pulls and faster than usual turn over!

Power Snatch: If you are comfortable with these then go for broke. If not break into 2-3 quick sets with limited rest.

Burpee Over Rower: Just try to not stop moving. Even if you can’t “sprint” here, a good non-stop pace will give you time to rest.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 6 minutes:

20 Toes to Bar

20 Overhead Reverse Lunges 50/35

[switch arms after 10 lunges]

—rest 2 minutes —

Complete 50 bent over rows with empty barbell
Target Rounds: 3-4 Rounds

Rounds before scaling: 2 Rounds


How to Pace: SPRINT. This is a quick amrap but that doesn’t mean we have to go balls to the wall. Being smooth on the toes to bar will give you more time to be smooth on the lunges. Don’t get into a chaotic pace early because it will be hard to recover if at all.

How it should Feel: LACTIC ACID PARTY. This will be more taxing on your core than you think. Focus on a good strong punch with that dumbbell and a vertical torso in the lunges to save your core a bit.


Toes to Bar: If you can hold on for unbroken as you won’t be doing a huge amount of sets. If you can’t then keep it to no more than 2 sets.

Lunges: Keep these nice and consistent. Really focus on breathing as you go so you can get back on that bar right away.

Bent Over Barbell Row: Let it burn here but don’t let your form fall off.