Roman Candle

Roman Candle

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

250m Row

10 SLD

5 Front Squats

:20 HSH or Plank


Lacrosse Ball



Wall Hinge


Squat Clean (1 DL + 1 P Cln + 1 Sqt Cln @ 1″ off the floor)


Metcon (Time)

30/20 Calorie Row

24 HSPU or RX+ 80’ HSW

30/20 Calorie Row

40’ Handstand Walk

-rest 5 minutes-

20/15 Calorie Row

12 HSPU or RX+ 40’ HSW
How to Pace: SPRINT! Both parts should be a sprint. Think of going fast on Part 1 and even faster on Part 2.

How it Should Feel: GASSY! The high intensity row to start combined with fast movement upside down will leave you out of breath and gassed!


Row: Waste no time here. Use your legs and arms to rack up calories quickly. As your calorie # approaches slow it down, control your breathing and be ready to go upside down. We want an initial big leg drive pressing through the foot padding to get the calorie count and save our arms.

Handstand Walk: Quick and controlled steps. Each of these should be as close to unbroken as you can manage!

During the rest: Shake out those arms during the rest, you just sprinted hard in that first part, but the second part is going to be even faster