They’ll Never Take Our Freedom

They’ll Never Take Our Freedom

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

20/16 Calorie Row (easy to moderate)

10 Standing Banded Arch Hollows

16 Hanging Shrugs

8 Kips

2 Strict Pull Ups


Banded Shoulders

20 Hollow Rocks

20 Superman Rocks


Metcon (Time)

48 Pull Ups — 54

24 C2B — 30

12 Bar Muscle Ups — 18

100/75 Calorie Row — 120/90
Target Time: sub 13 minutes

Time Cap: 17 minutes


How to Pace: CHALLENGE: This workout is exactly what it looks like , Arm Wrecker! Push yourself while making smart, calculated breaks to avoid failure.

How it should Feel: MUSCLE ENDURANCE and GRIPPY! All pulling so ya, your arms are going to be fried. Be smart early on and don’t look back on the row.


Pull Ups/Chest to Bar/BMU: With these 3 movements we want to see reps completed in 2-4 sets. Break sooner than you think and don’t push to failure PLEASE!

Row: This is going to be the mental grind at the end of an arm pump. Really focus in on using a strong leg/hip drive to take a little pressure off your arms. Stay steady (70-75%) and look to push hard on the last 20 calories.


Back Squat (6 x 2 Building)

OT 2:00