Triangle Couplet

Triangle Couplet

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

35 Singles

10 Lateral Lunges


10 Scap Shrugs, 6 Kip to swing, 2 Strict pull ups


Banded Shoulder on rig

Banded Lat on rig

Squat Hold


Metcon (Time)


Overhead Squats 115/85

Chest to Bar

—–Rest 5 Minutes—–

45 Overhead Squats 75/55

45 Pull ups


RX+ is 135/95 & then 95/65

Bar Muscle Ups and then Chest to bar
Score is total time including rest

Target Time set 1: 7-8 minutes

Target Time set 2: 4-5 minutes

Time Cap set 1: 10 minutes

Time Cap set 2: 6 minutes


This is a classic “it’s gonna hurt” but push through workout. The OHS is a weight we have to respect but can’t stare at it for long!


Overhead Squats: The first weight is heavy! We still want something you can hit 5 reps at a time. Coming out of the hole with chest up and speed is critical! The lighter bar is going to hurt but we want you to stay moving through it!

Rig work: Aim for minimal breaks in section one and then 5+ reps at a time for section two.


May choose goals for remainder or do programmed accessory

Accessory Work

Elevated Heel Goblet Squat

4 sets: 10-15 reps; moderate weight. Stay the same or increase across sets

*Focus: Use a small plate or slant board under each heel. Hold a DB or KB in a goblet position. Focus on keeping tension in the legs throughout out sets. Stop just before full lockout at the top of each rep for added time under tension

Elevated Toe Double DB Romanian Deadlift

4 sets: 10-15 reps; moderate weight. Stay the same or increase across sets.

* Focus: Use a small plate or slant board under toes of each foot. Holding dumbbells in each hand, push the hips back, lowering the dumbbells down the front of the legs until the end ROM is hit (or the low back begins to round out). Straps are allowed to be used so that grip is not a limiting factor for sets. If mobility doesn’t allow for toes to be elevated, perform reps with non-elevated toes.