Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

New Ulm CrossFit – WOD


3 Rounds

5 GM + 5 Back Squats

5 Single Arm Strict Press

5 Box Jump (Step Down)

5 Burpees



Upper Back, Quads, Hams

Glute Activation (Empty Bar Pausing)


Back Squat (8,8,6,6,5 — OT 2:30)

* Start at 60% and work up in weight each set.


Metcon (Time)

25 Devils Press (50s/35s)

80 Reverse Lunges (50s/35s)

75 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)

*Partition as desired
Target Time: 15-17 minutes

Time Cap: 20 minutes


How to Pace: STRATEGIC and GRIND. Workouts like this are challenging since there are so many ways to split the reps. Rounds or straight through? Whatever allows you to stay moving keeping transitions short and not over resting.

How it should Feel: PAIN! We don’t enjoy these types of workouts but dang-it do we sure need them. Suck it up and keep moving. Adjust on the fly if your plan A isn’t working.


Devils Press: Whatever rep scheme you choose just make sure it allows the dumbbells to stay moving and very little time resting. Try to keep 3+ reps without putting the dumbbells down and resting and if you do rest then do so in the bottom of the burpee.

Walking Lunge: Again whatever distance you choose just try to keep unbroken with continuous steps and not just standing, staring into no-mans land.

Burpee Box Jump Overs: JUST MOVE!!!! Legs will be pumped so watch out on the jumps.